Waivers And Provisional Waivers

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Waivers & Provisional Waivers

Foreign nationals with histories of criminal or terrorist activities, drug abuse, infectious medical problems, or previous immigration violations may never be allowed admission into the United States and/or may be denied permanent residency based on certain factors of the law. Those factors are known as grounds of inadmissibility or deportability/ removability.

Inadmissibility refers to people who are seeking to gain a green card or to be admitted to the United States. Deportability and Removability are often used interchangeably and mean the same thing – that someone who is in the United States can no longer stay.

A waiver for a ground of inadmissibility or removability is simply a foreign national’s way of asking USCIS or the Immigration Judge to forgive him or her for past transgressions. Obtaining a waiver is no easy process, and you can only obtain one in certain circumstances. If you are seeking a green card or are in danger of being deported, contact Klinke Immigration for assistance from our knowledgeable immigration attorneys in Marietta.

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