Humanitarian Based Immigration

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Humanitarian Based Immigration

People immigrate to the United States for many reasons. Sometimes it’s to be with their family, other times it’s for work. There are occasions where someone can find themselves in the United States under unusual circumstances, whether it be against their will or incidentally after losing a loved one. Humanitarian based immigration is for immigrants in special circumstances who need to become a resident for their safety or wellbeing. This may include immigrant spouses who were married to an abusive partner that they relied on for residency, victims of sex trafficking, and people seeking asylum in the United States.

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At Hope Immigration, we understand how difficult and stressful it can be to worry about your residency status while dealing with the serious issues that warrant humanitarian based immigration. Our experienced immigration attorneys in Marietta can serve as your guide during this process. We can take point on the complicated immigration process so that you can prioritize your needs and figure out what to do next. Our firm provides a safe space where you can speak freely and seek help from our compassionate and trustworthy legal team.

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