Understanding Georgia House Bill 1105: The Impact on Immigrant Communities

Georgia House Bill 1105, also known as the Georgia Criminal Alien Track and Report Act of 2024, has sparked controversy and concern among immigrant communities across the state. We know that this potential policy has caused some anxiety among our clients, and we wanted to take a moment to explain what we know about the bill and its current path. 

What is Proposed in HB 1105?

This proposed bill aims to tighten immigration enforcement by requiring local law enforcement agencies to collaborate extensively with federal immigration authorities, particularly Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). If passed, HB 1105 would make local agencies tell ICE when they arrest individuals who cannot prove their legal status. It would also allow police to arrest individuals who are suspected of being in the country illegally and detain them for possible deportation.

Not only would HB 1105 require reporting undocumented individuals to ICE, but it would also result in penalties to agencies if they fail to comply, including the potential loss of state funding. Jails would also be required to collect and share data on the immigration status of their inmate populations, increasing surveillance and scrutiny of immigrant communities.

What are the Potential Harms of HB 1105?

HB 1105 could have severe consequences for immigrant communities in Georgia. By making local law enforcement work extensively with ICE (which currently is not legally required), the bill will lead to increased fear and mistrust among immigrants, both documented and undocumented. Additionally, the bill could result in prolonged detention, family separations, and discrimination targeting immigrants, regardless of their legal status. For example, the fact that arrests can be made based on suspected lack of status would most definitely result in more frequent racial profiling among immigrant communities, with the Latino community at the most risk. Not only will this bill place a target on all immigrants, or those who appear as such to law enforcement, but it could also worsen social tensions and marginalize vulnerable populations. Simply put, this bill will create grounds for fearmongering, hatemongering, and misinformation against all immigrants, regardless of legal status. It will make our communities less safe because no one who looks or sounds “different” will want to cooperate with the police or report a crime.

Not only will this bill cause more harm than good to our immigrant community, but it will take Georgia’s immigration policies several steps back. If HB 1105 passes the Senate, Georgia would be aligning itself with states well-known for their aggressive immigration enforcement, such as Texas. The bill would also reverse the recent decision for Metro Atlanta to scale back immigration enforcement on the county level.

Standing Against HB 1105

At Hope Immigration, we stand firm in our commitment to advocating for the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their immigration status. While we recognize the need for effective immigration policies that prioritize national security and public safety, we firmly oppose measures that promote fear, discrimination, and injustice. 

Although it is essential to hold both citizens and immigrants accountable for crimes they may commit, indicting a whole class of individuals based on the actions of a few is not the way to create a safer community for all. This is especially important, as this bill is rooted in the false narrative that immigrants bring crime to their communities when studies show that immigrants are actually less likely to commit a crime than the native-born population.

HB 1105, if passed and put into effect, could perpetuate harmful stereotypes, undermine community trust, and further marginalize vulnerable populations. We urge the Georgia Senate to carefully consider the implications of HB 1105 and prioritize the well-being and dignity of immigrant communities in their deliberations.

If you’d like to reach out to your State representatives and senators and urge them to keep this bill from passing, you can do so here.


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