What Is Due Process?

There’s a lot of talk in the media about the crisis of immigrant children and how cases are being moved through too quickly. Immigration advocates constantly talk about how the immigrants at the border are being deprived of due process. So what is due process? And why is it a problem when due process is denied? […]

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The Power of Advocacy

For those of you in Georgia, you’ve probably heard about Senate Bill 404. What this bill proposed to do was to deny immigrants who had been granted “deferred action” from being able to obtain a Georgia driver’s license. There are similar bills and even laws across the United States, but I’d like to talk about SB

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USCIS Delays

The immigration system can seem like it’s in a time warp. Three months’ processing is considered fast and waiting for three hours is normal. If I went to my job and made my boss wait three months for a small project or kept my team waiting for three hours while I worked on something else,

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Christmas Hope

I believe that the Christmas story is not only about Jesus, but also about hope. Hope for a better future, hope for peace, and hope for compassion and kindness. Hope is a big part of my philosophy as an immigration attorney. People come to the United States with grand hopes – exactly the same hopes

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